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Bringing you wines created from the soil and climate of the Hill Country and the grapes of Italy, Spain and the Rhone!

We are the only Texas winery dedicated exclusively to warm climate varietals. Visit us at our Texas Hill Country winery or find our wines in fine wine shops and on he wine lists of Texas’ best restaurants.

At Alamosa Wine Cellars, we believe that the best grapes to grow are those suited to the vineyard soil and climate.  Therefore we look to those areas which have conditions similar to ours…the southern European vineyards of Tuscany, Rioja and the Rhone Valley.

Our winemaking philosophy is that the most interesting and complex wines are made by blending and that blends made in the field and/of fermented together are desirable.  We also strive for minimal handling and gentle processing.  We think fruit should be the most important feature for the wine and that oak should be used judiciously and for its affects rather than for oak flavors.  We think the most important winemaking takes place int he vineyard by controlling crop loads, waiting for optimum ripeness and by maintaining a healthy vineyard.  We purchase grapes from selected growers who also conform to these principals.