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Vintage 2013 Off to a Great Start…at Alamosa

 We are fortunate to report that the late Spring freezes which so devastatingly affected the Texas High Plains and many other vineyards, did not do much, if any, damage to our estate vineyard. 

Jim and I had the fun of attending Newsom Vineyards Grape Day April 26th.  We were hosted by Neil Newsom and his family at his large “Barnery” next to his vineyard.  What we saw in the vineyard was heart-breaking.  The beautifully pruned vines had budded out and showed some leaves, but the prior three weeks had presented them with terribly cold temperatures and the leaves and buds were a crispy brown.  Reports from other wine-growers were similar.  Since then, another freeze with temps in the 20’s have crushed any hopes of a crop.  Despite this awful circumstance, Grape Day went on with over 200 growers and winemakers present. Most speakers amended their remarks to discuss best practices for taking care of a vineyard after a freeze.  Many growers will be farming for 2014, and helping their vines recover this season.

 Another discussion was centered around “new” varieties with an emphasis on grapes which bud out late and can withstand cold.  Among the varieties listed was Graciano.  Alamosa is the only winery making wine with Graciano but our prediction is that it will be among the new plantings in the near future.  A “late-budder”, it also seems easy to grow, has a natural ability to avoid mold and mildew problems with its long, loose cluster and best of all, it make wonderful wine. The sample bottles we provided for the event caught a lot of attention. Writer David Furer asked to take a bottle of it to Spain for a wine conference as an example of great wines using Spanish varietals.

Wine growers are farmers and they have that wonderful resilience that makes them look ahead to next year.